Styleride is a Manufacturer and Supplier of World Class Bus Seats and Coach Seats

Styleride is dedicated to providing the very best solutions for our clients’ bus and coach seating requirements. Our philosophy is personal involvement, continuous improvement and outstanding service. Styleride supplies high quality bus and coach seats for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other major Australia cities. Styleride Seating Systems started in early 1996 with the first delivery of bus and coach seats in May of that year. This was preceded with an exhaustive research, development and testing period to introduce new products to the industry in line with the opportunities identified in a comprehensive market research project.The company consistently listens to our customers and these relationships have driven innovation and bus seats & coach seats development since that time and the results have been quite remarkable.

Aquarius Deluxe

The Aquarius Deluxe Reclining and Fixed Coach Seats have been refined to further meet passenger demand for increased comfort.

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Premier Protean

Suitable for track bus, school bus and city express, this bus seat replaces traditional metro style seats with attractive and durable seating.

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The Silhouette five star Reclining and Fixed Coach seats carry influences from the highly successful Acacia and Aquarius series of seats.

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The Styleride Traveller seat, the most comfortable in it’s class, is suitable for charter, route service, school bus or 
city express.

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