eurocity - lightweight coach seatingTo meet the increasingly complex requirments of Route Service vehicles Styleride in co-operation with German company SKA Sitze are proud to introduce the Eurocity Series.

The integrated lightweight construction with attention to detail provides an aesthetically clean and pleasing design. For example there are no visible screws or fixings and seamless transition of seat squabs is achieved in back to back seating. Seat weight is only 7kg per passenger.

With the Eurocity Series there is no compromise in seating comfort from the ergonomic design, careful foam selections, high clearance for maximum leg room and optional hip restraints. The Eurocity Series is a true seating “system” as all variations and options necessary for today’s route buses are available.

Low maintenance costs are designed into the Eurocity Series with features such as quick change trim inserts, smooth easy-clean surfaces, anti graffiti coating and low cost spare parts.

As our name suggests, the Styleride Eurocity Series seating system is an aesthetically appealing product with an integrated look of quality – a quality designed into every aspect and component.