traveller - single and twin bus and coach seatingIncorporating the Traveller Twin (separate squabs) and the Traveller Common (common squab), the Styleride Traveller seat, the most comfortable in it’s class, is suitable for charter, route service, school bus or 
city express.

Including occupant protection standards with careful selection of foam options and construction specifications, particular attention has been given to ensuring passenger comfort and safety.
Trim styles usually range from budget velours to 100% wool moquettes.



  • Extra strong frames
  • Profiled dual density premium foams
  • Traveller twin squab is fully upholstered and incorporates suspension pad
  • Traveller Common squab rear is neatly finished in heavy duty lami-panel with no visible fixings


  • Fixed or folding armrest
  • Aisle side handgrips
  • Separate cushions
  • Stanchion brackets